Photo Gallery

Here are some random photos showing our crates, items we have packed and the materials we use....

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Rolls Royce asked us to crate and ship their " 100 years of the Spirit of Ecstasy " celebratory exhibition to main dealers across the globe 


And when you hear them say " I'm afraid such and such can't be here tonight " we make sure they get their BAFTA 



Over the years we've worked many times with Camera Eye ( David Bailey's Studio )



Here we're hand cutting the foam so this figurine is safe to fly and is fully insured through us 


 Here's a pair of expensive chairs getting the foam and acid free tissue treatment



Getting a neon ready for an overseas trip; always tricky but our super soft, super thick foam will do the job



This shaped canvas, showing some signs of age, yet valuable, was shipped from Amsterdam to New York 



This fishtank is made of glass and perspex, we crated it and delivered it to a client in Singapore


Some older portraits such as this may need an Export Licence before we can ship them!



This banjo clock was the property of Bette Davis, we packed and shipped it back to her son in the States 


Inside this crate below is a full sized double bass, bound for Norway 



 We've packed and shipped a number of these hand painted caricatures ( ) this one is partially packed


Or this slightly "bigger" mini motorcycle coffee table conversion is packed and nearly ready for Japan  



 Here's a gilded mirror, two layers of foam have been cut, two more to do before it's ready for despatch to USA  



This is a life sized delft china Kalashnikov Rifle by Charles Krafft, bound for Staffordshire  


Very occasionally we are asked to crate and ship stained glass/leaded lights 



This is a Royal Worcester Nelson vase, only 10 were made ( each taking over 200 hours )

Value £ 13,000 ( packed, crated, insured and delivered by HMC to New Orleans ) 

After Mr Clarke died his family asked us to pack and crate up all his awards from his London office ( there were dozens of them )

these were flown to the family in Sri Lanka   


Swords younger than 100 years old can be classed as dangerous weapons and hence can be problematic to ship - this was off to Japan to be sharpened! 


In here goes a small bird sculpture which is illuminated hence the plug ( ) 


This antique furniture is off the Saudi Arabia 


 We're preparing this scale ship model for transport to Greece


... Merry                      ( ) 


This horse head detail ( oil on canvas 150x150cm) was delivered to the Hong Kong Jockey Club 



In here we have a corporate gift, if you lease a new Airbus (or two) you'll also get a original framed oil on canvas painted

by aviation specialist Alex Hamilton in the livery of your airline!         



This is a Conserve All Star promotional item, we packed it and delivered it over the The Netherlands 



We crated and shipped two of these outfits to Iceland for the IFAW  ( ) 


This strange ( partially packed ) piece of machinery is actually a geniune 1970's turntable from the

BBC Radio One studio! Yes! while you were bopping around to "Tiger Feet" it was being played on this very turntable

We packed and delivered it to a collector in Paris.


 We flat packed these signed limited edition screen prints for a Roy Lichtenstein collector 


This is a Schiedmayer Celesta musical instrument. Our plywood, foam and TLC will get this safely to
Los Angeles


Once in a while we get out and do some packing on site, this is at the home of the chap that makes those famous yellow diggers...

There were two plaster flower arrangements, the head of each flower was mounted on the end of a cane, so the flowers gently

rocked from side to side. All very nice set up either side of the massive fireplace, but very difficult to pack them!

They went out to his residency in Barbados


We had to get two enormous antique glass display cabinets into the Westfield Centre in West London whilst it was under construction. Each piece was worth over £20K. We made temporary timber skids with wheels on so we could push them up a ramp to the first level, then, the only way up to the store on the next level was by crane. 

Yep, our hearts were in our mouths when it started to get this far off the ground!