Works in Progress

Here is a summary of items we're packing and shipping, for more details and images please also see our Instagram feed


Two large canvases from a London gallery to Pellegue in France

A case of paintings from London to Turin, Italy

A pair of very valuable 17th Century flintlock pistols from Bonhams to a collector in Maine USA

A canvas up from Brighton to a Victoria based gallery

Packing on site at Hauser and Wurth a very fragile scuplture

We're packing some Indus Valley fertility idols ( some 4000 thousand years old ) from a Gallery in London to a collector in Budapest

40 photographic prints for a photographer in the West End

Some vintage cinema speakers from London to Nagoya Japan

A small canvas for a London gallery to Austria

A real full size London Black Cab, which we're transporting on a trailer, from London to Milan for publicity for a shop opening

A large chemicals company have asked us the move some of thier art from London to Vienna


And some of our recently completed projects....


Kingston Museum have asked us to return some large canvases to a local artist

A dozen or so large canvases from a London gallery to Miami

Two light boxes from the manufacturers in London to Jeddah

Some resin models, created in London, need to be crated and shipped to Stockholm for a SONY photo shoot

Ten Chinese pottery figures, dating back some 2500 years, being packed and delivered to a collector in Toulouse

A scale display model of an oil tanker, about 6ft long, from a famous Oxford Street store to Newcastle

An "Angel" print, bought at a Charity auction in London, the winning bidder lives in Switzerland, so it will be crated and shipped for them.

An expensive piece (£30K) from Ely,Cambs down to Madrid

Two small art cases containing paper sculptures, from a gallery in Pimlico to Hong Kong

A medium sized canvas from London to Toronto

Fragile and delicate props to Berlin, for a menswear show.

An original Rodin bronze from Cork Street to USA, value £34,000

Importing a 5'x7' canvas in from New York to a London based collector

A model of an oil tanker, some 6ft long, to be crated and delivered to the old shipyard in Wallsend Newcastle

A selection a oil on canvas, from North London, to Morocco

A large city based back have asked us to ship a selection of thier art collection from their London office to thier New York office ( 9 pieces in total )

A length of Glass Barbed Wire to pack and send to USA

A 110x110cm canvas from Wimbledon to Bari, Italy

A print from West London to Dublin

30 prints to crate and put into storage

A meduim size canvas from West London to Florida

Large wooden carved piece from London to Newcastle

An ancient spearhead, nearly three thousand years old, from London to New York

Two canvases, from London, off to Geneva

More antique glass cabinets, off to Zurich this time

64 original drawings and sketches - lots of the "Belle's" of the Forties etc. off to an Auction house in Dallas TX   

Four high value computer servers (crated and shipped) delivered to Florida for a large multi-national firm

A designer bed to crate up in West London

A selection of ancient/antique Japanese swords from Northern England to Perth, Australia

A couple of David Bailey photos to Belgium and Germany

Two glazed frames from a London firm to Sydney, a retirement gift for the CEO

Two extremely valuable paintings (£200K) collected in Victoria and delivered, for restoration, to Cambridge

We delivered a large glass cabinet and glass logo to Berlin for a well known jeans brand, this was part of the "Bread and Butter" Expo

A ceramic bust from a London Guild to Washington DC

Two marble topped tables from Chelsea to Boston

Some family heirlooms ( 6 pantings ) from London UK to London Ontario

Some antique mirrors from Hove to Maida Vale

3 large glass bowls from Northern Ireland to USA

A signed Worhol print from Blackheath to Florida

2 paintings from Christies - packed for client based in Cairo

13 light boxes - packed and prepared for transport to Europe

A very fragile blown glass virus sculpture, out to California

A glass display cabinet and plinth to Bucharest for a famous french liquor brand

14 various sized canvases from Enfield to Melbourne, for a temporary exhibition

Two oil on board works from Chelsea to Luxembourg

Am ancient camel ( 617AD ) to Finland from a gallery in London

Some ancient marble heads ( Chinese ) from the same gallery to Toulouse

More vans running across europe with antique furniture and visual merchandise

A fragile antique carved Ibis bird ( 6 foot high ) from London to Rickmansworth

Two crated paintings in Hereford, to be collected and sent to our client in Detroit

A small canvas to ship to President Obama at the Whitehouse!!

A large religious icon, from a church in Kilburn, being shipped to Dublin

A portrait of the Jonas Brothers, painted by a UK artist, we're shipping this out to Los Angeles

A small glazed oil painting from Wimbledon to Bahrain

Two lightboxes, from North London to Dubai

A mighty canvas, 10' x 4' to Stockholm from London

Hundreds of architectural models from West London to Prague

A large crate in from Tokyo, heading to an artist in Macclesfield

Some prints of the Airbus to distribute around London, Germany and the UAE

Some glass "virus" sculptures to ship from London to California

Two detailed motorcycle models ( Troy Bayliss and Valentino Rossi ) to pack and ship to a collector in Australia.

A terracota Horse and Rider, dating back to 618AD, from a London Gallery to Turkey

We have an enormous fibre glass Marlin fish ( over 2m long ) to deliver to Edinburgh from London

Three oils from Chelsea to USA

A Bull's Head bronze from St James's to Yorkshire

Five oil paintings from Christies Old Brompton Road to a client in Normandy

An auction house in New Zealand has asked us to collect and crate a piece from Bonhams New Bond St

A number of frames and props, on a direct drive basis to Cadiz is Spian.

We have a portrait of Sir Isaac Newton to crate, we think it could be over 280 years old.  

A 5ft by 5ft canvas from a London gallery to Sydney

We're collecting a canvas in Tampa Florida for a client in Greenwich London

A direct drive from London to Waterloo, Belgium, delivering glass display cabinets

Seven glassed prints from Milton Keynes to Hamilton New Zealand

We're making three crates for a lecturer of Chelsea Art School, from time to time students visit us and observe our packing and crating.

A Chinese pot, dating back to 100BC, to be packed in London and delivered to Slovakia - this is officially the oldest piece we're done to date - beating our previous record by a good 600 years

A collection from Sotheby's, a piece for a client in Singapore

A pair of Chinese vases, from an auction house in West Sussex, to be crated and sent to Hong Kong

Another smaller vase, from Christies (King Street) to Hong Kong

A collection in Woking, a small canvas off to the USA

A full sized double bass - to be crated and shipped to Tampere in Finland

Three small canvases from North London to Milan

We're transporting some glass cabinets to Tidworth Polo Club for the Rundel Cup

A 1m x 1m canvas from Acton to Geneva

A framed mixed media piece from a London gallery to New York

Four very heavy marble sculptures from a garden in Brighton, these are off to Manchester

4 large antique chinese vases from an auction house in Norfolk, packed and bound for Hong Kong

A large classical gilt mirror from a show room in Chelsea, heading to Nantucket USA

A Rolling Stones signed and mounted guitar, shipped from Hong Kong back to the UK

Two charcoal works from London SW3 off to USA

A painting from Kent to be crated and delivered to the Algarve

Various small glass cabinets from London to stores across europe.

A portfolio and sketches off to Vienna from Hampstead

A large print from Pimlico to Monaco ( 150x120cm )

4 perspex and aluminium frames on a direct drive from London to a gallery in Bradford

Two flat mounted prints from London EC1 to Bolzano Italy

A strange ceramic beast head thing from London to Milwaukee

Some antique corner shelf units from Christies heading to France for a collector.

Import a collection from a Berlin Gallery to London

Some plinths and perspex towers for an install in Dubai

A collection from Christies London, a golden figure, for a collector in Hong Kong

A direct drive to Switzerland from London, a couple of glass display cabinets for a well known gentlemans outfitters.

4 pieces of antique furniture from Chicago to Holland Park

An enormous sculpture, to ship from Bury St Edmunds to New Jersey

3 canvases from Dulwich to Dubai

A grandmother clock from Eastbourne to Brittany

A crate from a Surrey museum to Germany

Two round scuplture pieces from Teddington to Amsterdam

We're importing crate for a London gallery from Berlin, by road.

Three ceramic items from an East London gallery to France

A small watercolour from Chelsea to New York

Two ceramic pieces, for a competition in Korea, collected from Hampshire

We have a team of four packers and a massive truck down at the Pitti Show in Florence - we had to pack all the artwork, lights, props, chandeliers in London, drive it down to the site, set up ( then a few days off ) and then repack and get everything back to London safely.

We have a small sculpture in Antwerp that's required over here in London

A 100x120cm canvas from a London Gallery to Vermont

A small glazed print, from a London dealer to St Cloud, France

16 large to medium sized canvases from a Chelsea gallery. These are going in a dedicated van direct to Rome.

We're sending small medal, dating back to 1798 and commemorating the Battle of the Nile, to a US based Admiral Nelson collector.

We have arranged to get a small oil from an Edinburgh auction house to a client near Leighton Buzzard.

A vase, dating back to 1708. This was driven to us in London, we crated it and then it was delivered, to a Monestry near Naples, in a dedicated van.

A large 115x165cm canvas from a London artist to Luxembourg

Three framed pieces form Derbyshire to Sweden

A 3ft by 4 ft watercolour from Tooting to Denmark

A 24"x24" oil to collect in Hawaii and return to a London based gallery

An oval glass work from London to Prague

An oil form Cheshire to Alicante

We have a dedicated van heading to Berlin to drop off an enormous satellite dish to a German broadcasting company 

27 prints from London to a Hotel in Florida

Two prints behind plexi glass and 40 rubberised figures! These are off to New York.

We have packed various visual merchandising items for stores across Mexico.

A small 2ft x 2ft canvas from London gallery to Greenwich, CT, USA

A pair of Chinese Tang dynasty painted pottery tomb attendants - these figures date back to between 618-907AD These early Oriental pieces are by far the oldest items we have ever packed, they're heading out to a relative in Sydney.

We have a couple of very large paintings, 150x275cm (Paris) and 185x185cm (Antwerp) that we're delivering on a dedicated van, arriving early Friday.

We are arranging, through our agent in New York, to bring in eight large paintings for a London based Gallery.

A large canvas, at 135cm x 185cm, to collect in Richmond, crate it and deliver it to Hong Kong.

We have 4 small framed portraits to pack and crate, the ultimate destination is Kabul, Afganistan.

We have two medium sized canvases to crate and deliver to Malibu Beach.

A gallery in Cambridge has given us 13 pieces to crate and deliver to Beijing, China.

A Kent based artist is having a show in New York and Italy, we're packing, crating and delivering his collection.

We have, from an artist in Wandsworth, a paper sculpture to crate and deliver to Copenhagen.

A large bronze head, to be crated and shipped to Hong Kong, from a gallery in Islington.

A very old oil painting of George IV to send over to a German collector.

A set of antique brass bellows from London to USA.

Three crates from a Chelsea Art College heading over to New York.

Two enormous glass display cabinets. We had to get these lifted by crane into the new Westfield Shopping Centre in west London. Luckily three smaller cabinets fitted into the service lift.

Various framed Union Jack flags, these were taken from a shop dressing in London and sent out to store in Amsterdam.

A small framed canvas from a London gallery to St Cloud in France

A large mixed media (2.4m x 1.2m) piece to be crated and and handed to a trucking firm.

Our New York agent is collecting a Warhol for us, this will be packed and sent to us for one of our London gallery clients.

A 3ft x 4ft canvas, from London, that's headed over to Moscow.

A whole truck load of visual props for a famous menswear store, the props have been wrapped and packed and our truck will drive them direct to Milan.

7 framed and glazed photos, to be crated and delivered to Madrid.

We're bringing two crates in from the Netherlands for a Teddington based client.

We have arranged for a number of paintings to be collected and packed in New York, we need to drop these off to Chelsea.

Various inherited fragile and value vases, to be packed into two crates and shipped to families in the USA and Canada.

24 framed and glazed photos for a London framing firm, these are to be packed and delivered to Helsinki, Finland.

A whole pallet worth of original work, to be packed and flown out to New Delhi for an exhibiton.

4 x perspex sheets, to be packed and delivered to Tokyo

A Hirst print, framed and glazed, from a London gallery to Hong Kong

We have two valuable paintings in Essex that are headed for San Francisco

Four designer metal tables to pack and ship from Fulham to Switzerland

We've thirty or so prints from a West London gallery to pack and ship to New Delhi 

We packing up a number of alabaster sculptures, these are from the Barbican and are headed for Colombus Ohio

A 4ft x 4ft framed and glazed painting from Chelsea to USA.

We're arranging for the safe passage of a model steamship, in a glass case, from Christies in New York to the buyer in East Sussex.

Six number oil paintings, on behalf of the BAA, to be hung in the VIP lounge at the new Terminal Five building at Heathrow. One of them is 6ft x 9ft ! This project has also included all the dinner service sets for the VIP and Diplomatic areas at T5.

Two prints, for a well known Middle Eastern Airline, to be packed and shipped to their headquarters in the UAE.

12 number plaster stars, with horribly fragile points, to be packed for another international courier firm, they'll fly them out to New York.

A resin and glass mixed media piece from Brixton to Hull

We co-ordinated various collections accross Europe, everything being bound for the Art Dubai Fair in March

A large, medium and small canvas from an Albemarle Street gallery, all going off the the USA.

Some large cast iron planters, to pack and deliver to Malaga.

We've just installed a sculpture, for the Chairman of a very famous City based bank, into his London residence, and very nice it was too!  

We also did same packing and shipping for the Chairman of Sheffield United FC

And a small project for Ms J Agutter no less

A collection of prints from a West London gallery off to Berlin

A small set of prints from London to Hong Kong

We have some art board to deliver to an artist in Lahore, Pakistan

A big 165cm x 200cm piece, framed and glazed!! off to Bangkok, Thailand.

A small crate, collected in Italy, is heading back to Acton by road.

Five 30 x 40 inch framed photos from London to Paris

A large glazed hologram from London to Toronto

A lump of Murano Glass with an aluminium sculpture through it, from Suffolk to USA

Some paintings in Marbella heading back to London

Two 70cm x 75cm canvasses from North London to New York

Six 150cm x 150cm glazed and framed photos from London to Ennis, Co. Clare, Eire

Two more whoppers ( 170 x 180cm ) from a London gallery to USA

24 number canvases from North London to USA and Israel

Large 6ft x 6ft canvas off to Geneva

Some marble drinking vessels from Suffolk to USA

Two canvases from Bath to Abu Dhabi,UAE

Three paintings in Dundee that are off to East Sussex

Two oil painings from West London to Taipei, Taiwan

A collection of animal bronzes; two owls, two indian ducks, two doves and a cockerel all going off by sea to Cincinatti,USA

Two frames, packed for client to take on a flight to Dubai

A collection of 32 small works to Miami from London

5 frames from London to Leeds ( crated and sent by over night courier )

A nine foot by four foot canvas, from London to Denmark 

A whopping canvas 150 x 170cm from Wiltshire, bound for the Hong Kong Jockey Club, portrait of a recent Hong Kong Cub winner

A glazed watercolour from Paddington to New York

An amazingly fragile ceramic from Bath to USA

3 chandeliers from Chelsea, to be packed and delivered to Saudi Arabia

A collection of prints, coming in from Estonia

A 100cm x 200cm canvas from London to Dubai

17 BookArt sculptures form Essex off to Israel, for exhibition, they're coming back in January

3 framed watercolours from London to New York

6 canvasses from London to New York

A 6ft x 2ft portrait painting from London to Glasgow

10 framed and glazed watercolours, from London to Italy, for a major Italian pasta sauce brand!

Small bone china "pistol" from a London gallery to Dublin

5 framed and glazed photos from North London to China

A "delft" china machine gun, to be packed and shipped to the States

One oil, one marble scuplture and 9 long stemmed glass from Suffolk to the States

A 2ft by 3ft canvas from Clapham to North Ireland

Two canvasses from Acton heading for Italy

6 Architectural models from West London to Rome

Small framed and glazed watercolour from Chelsea to Boston

4 canvasses from Lincolnshire to the USA

An engraved " Death Star " marble slab ( 40Kg each ) from London to Spain and one also off to America!!

12 framed and glazed photos form London to Mumbai, India

One glazed painting from Kent to Australia

Eighteen paintings and drawings from London to Estonia

Small collection from Wimbledon to Madrid

Framed drawing from North London over to Stockholm

A pair of oil paintings to be packed and shipped to Toronto from a Gallery in Hammersmith

Our packing agent in Chicago has collected a couple of paintings and are making them ready for the flight back to Heathrow for us

An antique plaster figure of Lord Nelson and antique print of the HMS Victory from Chorleywood to USA

Two of our chaps are away in the Cotswolds packing some flower sculptures destined for Barbados

We have arranged for a crate to be collected in Seattle and returned to the artist in London

Various pieces of furniture, from Poole, to pack and make ready for transport to Saudi Arabia

We have two 8ft x 4ft works to pack and ship out to Washington

7 glazed prints from London to Dundee

A couple of Banksy prints from Brixton going over to Mallorca

28 framed photos from London to Frankfurt

Three watercolours from Maidstone to New York

Four convex panels from Sleaford out to Zurich

An enormous Architectural model ( 201x100x95cm ) to pack and deliver to Bangalore, India

3 prints ( one by a certain Mr D Hirst ) from The City to Dubai

A large canvas ( 130 x 150cm ) from Barnet to Berlin

A tiny silver case for a collector, Bonhams in London out to Suffolk

Small personel collection of four frames from Hampstead to Califorinia

Pack 2 Dresden Porcelain figures for a Southampton Shipping firm ( we should have some photos on the site soon.. a quite and interesting and tricky project )

A medium sized canvas from London, bound for Palma d' Mallorca 

7 number various prints form West London down to sunny Bordeaux

A smaller model of a Stage Set, heading to Broadway, New York, from London

100x100cm canvas from Wimbledon to New York

A ceramic bowl, as used by Horatio Nelson no less, packed and delivered to an American collector, along with some letters ( framed ) dating back to 1805 

2 Prints from London to Cologne, Germany

2 small prints from The Royal Academy to Exmouth

9 Framed prints from London to Frankfurt

Pack a secure server from Docklands to Struik, Nertherlands

A small ( 50x40cm ) glazed frame from London to Cumbria

Two medium sized oils off to Singapore from Sunbury on Thames

9 paintings and a sculpture off to Tallin, Estonia

A fair sized oil ( 155x185cm ) from London to Madrid

A small lightbox from London to St Cloud Paris

8 framed and glazed prints from North London to Stockholm, Sweden

A 80x80cm glazed photo print to Dundee from London

Canvas, 170x170cm from East London to McLean, USA

Antique Table and Desk to be packed and sea-freighted to Australia

Small glazed print off to France from Notting Hill

Two glazed watercolours from Edinburgh to USA 

Large Antique Cinematic Amplifier from London to Munich

Two prespex and aluminium frames from London to Helsinki

Life size bronze from London to Arizona

117 x 117cm canvas from West End gallery to Tallin, Estonia

152 x 152cm Canvas from Manchester to NYC

For a Chelsea Gallery a large collection of paintings and sculptures over to Washington DC for the artDC fair

8 number 120x160cm canvases from Barnet to Los Angeles

A small watercolour for New York from gallery in SW1

7 unglazed paintings from London to Colorado

Glazed and framed oil to Norfolk

10 acrylic on board paintings, from London, to Long Island New York

A sculpture from Streatham to Vienna

One glazed and framed painting from London to Oxfordshire

5 glazed paintings from London to Washington DC

Glazed and framed print out to Los Angeles

Glazed and framed print off to Venice

Small antique clock from Shropshire to Jo'burg RSA

Small sculpture from London to Washington DC

4 canvases from Warwickshire out to Malaga

Glazed painting from London to New York

Pack, crate and ship various antiques, including Zulu spears and a Grand Father Clock from Wales down to West Indies

Pack and crate 14 large framed photos, London to Frankfurt

Some paintings from London over to Dubai

A large "light box" from London to Washington DC

A painting from Powys, Wales to California

Two very large aluminium sculptures from Bury St Edmunds, to be packed and sea-freighted over to New Jersey

Pack and ship and rolled canvas, in a length of plastic tube, from London to Wellington, New Zealand

1m by 1m canvas from Westminster, pack and deliver to Chicago

Collection from Fort Lauderdale,FL. 4ft by 4ft painting heading back to Teddington

A midnight operation to bring some very valuable paintings up from the West country into Knightsbridge!!

5 small glazed frames from Midhurst, Hampshire out to Greenwich, CT

Unglazed framed canvas from Chiswick to Johannesburg RSA

Pack some expensive video conferencing equipment and ship to Cairo

Various pieces of work from London over to Frankfurt

Two unglazed canvases from Pimlico to Roca Paton, Florida.

7 framed canvases from Regents Park over to Vero Beach, Florida

Bronze Horse and Figure from an Albemarle Street gallery out the Ireland

Two framed and glazed photos to pack and deliver out to Berlin

6 small paintings going out to Greenwich, USA

Whole bunch of paintings up to Glasgow

Ceramic sculpture from Bath to Korea

Ceramic sculpture from London to Korea

Three framed and glazed prints to Amsterdam

Some lights and a glazed frame over to Dublin

Make a crate for a W1 Gallery - to their requirements

4ft x 3ft canvas to hardboard pack and deliver to New Jersey

4ft x 4ft canvas from the City to New York

Small canvas from Reading to pack and deliver California

5ft x 7ft canvas to pack and deliver to USA

Three small bird ( wire ) sculptures to packed and shipped to USA

A monster canvas ( 220cm x  190cm ) out to the Pulse Fair in Miami

3 paintings from the Gallery in Somerset House to packed and delivered to Karachi

Various framed photos ( 44 in total ) bound for Milan

4 unglazed oil on canvas out to Hong Kong

Prepare two crates for West End based Gallery

Various "Sameday" deliveries across London

Small "hand carry" packing on painting - client is taking this on a flight to Sydney 

Large neon sculpture, crated and bound for Miami

8 glazed prints out to Cyprus

Part container load packed and shipped ( by sea ) to New York. Collected from London and Basingstoke

Imported a modern neon-light multi-media from Bangkok, Thailand

2 small glazed prints to Zurich

3 paintings to Boston

1 bronze to Israel

Large oil on canvas go out to Florida

Enormous bronze ( 6ft x 6ft x 6ft ) to Newark delivered OK

and here's some more random photos!!

Here is a 7 piece collection, awaiting tissue wrap, packing and crating. They're off to Florida.








Images courtesy of Ginnie de Vroomen - This is how we cover the canvas in PH neutral ( acid free ) tissue paper, the first step when packing.











Probably our largest crate, a 40ft steel container, packed full of Objects D'Art and antiques, bound for Boston USA.